Wood Spirit Tree Spirit Pine Knot Gnome Carving


Shipping to United States: $11.00

My name is Paul Harbour of Harbour Custom Creations.

I made this little mountain man tree spirit from a pine knot. Many hours went into this carving. This beautiful piece looks lovely on a shelf or you can hang it on the wall. Notice how his facial features naturally blend into the wood giving it a completely natural look.

According to folklore, pine knots are said to have spirits in them. They are sort of like the forest's driftwood. When a Pine tree dies and decays back into the earth, the resilient, pitch-filled knots remain for years and years. Anywhere a branch meets the base of the tree on a Pine, a knot is formed.

Wood/tree spirits are said to bring luck to their owners. Once you receive this carving you must immediately name him to welcome him to your home. Keep him in your home, your cabin, or your vehicle. He never sleeps, and is always watching and protecting you.

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