Diamond Back Rattlesnake Walking stick Rattlesnake Walking Stick Staff


Shipping to United States: $15.00

One of a kind rattlesnake Walkingstick. Made by me at my home in Clay city, Indiana. Amazing detail on this piece. I wood burned every single scale, painted it with acrylics, and then put a light coat of poly for the finish.

Staff is 63.5 inches tall.

Snake is 33 inches long.

Snake has 13 rattles.

Over 10,000 keeled scales.

This is my third rattle snake staff. I kept the second one that I made. I can tell you for sure that these carvings are attention getters. When I walk with mine at state parks here in Indiana, people will literally veer away from me because the snake looks so realistic. After they pass me I will hear them whisper “Was that a real snake?” and “Oh my god. Did you see his walking stick? It looks so real!” And, this snake is the best of the three I’ve made.

Speaking of the scales: each and every scale is wood burned. This process raises and deepens the scales so they even feel realistic. The carving looks and feels like a real snake.

If you look closely in the pictures, you will see where I sanded out some decayed wood. The stick is still strong and works great as a staff. However, I do not recommend putting your full weight on the stick. This staff is art, is for walking with and poking around in weeds and grass, but it is not to support the full weight of a person.

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