Knife Making Blade Blank The “Tecumseh” Tanto Fixed Blade Skinning Knife


Harbour Knives

A Shawnee leader whose name means, “Panther in the Sky”, Tecumseh became well known for taking disparate tribes folk and maintaining hold on the land that was rightfully theirs. In 1805, a religious native rebirth led by Tenskwatawa emerged. Tenskwatawa urged natives to reject the ways of the English, and to stop handing over land to the United States. Opposing Tenskwatawa was the Shawnee leader, Black Hoof who was working to maintain a peaceful relationship with the United States. By 1808, tensions built and compelled Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh to move further northwest and establish the village of Prophetstown near Battle Ground, Indiana. He died in the War of 1812.

440C stainless (the best grade)
Overall Length: 9″
Blade: 5″
Thickness: 4.20mm
Blade comes sharpened. A final edge may be applied for an even sharper razor edge
Pin Holes: 3/32 inch

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